Проверочная работа 4 класс

Дата: 14.10.2016г.

Проверочная работа по Английскому языку для 4 класса.

Проверочная работа содержит в себе 7 основных заданий.

1.    Письмо.


Ivanovskaya St.,




Dear Laura,

It was so nice to get your letter! I’m glad to hear that you went to a new school!

As for me, I like my school. It’s not far from my house and it has almost everything any pupil would dream of. There’s a computer class, a gym with modern equipment, a big library with books and magazines and a canteen. All classrooms have new TV-sets and interactive whiteboards. You’ve got a computer class at school, don’t you? Do you have a swimming-pool there? We don’t.

My classmates are really nice. We never quarrel. Some of them are my best friends, we help each other when needed. Do you like your classmates? Do you have friends in your class?

It is so cool you’ve got a new pet! What is your dog’s name? What is its breed? What colour is it? Does it like to play?

Please, write soon and tell me!




Напиши ответ в тетради, обязательно ответь на вопросы из письма. Спроси Нэнси о чём-нибудь в конце, например, о её недавнем путешествии.


2.    Дополни, что говорит Джулия.


Hello. ___________ name ___________ Julia. I ______________13. This ____________ my friend. _________ name’s Lorena. ________________ is 12.


3.    Напиши предложения в другой форме.



Long form

Short form



Maria’s from Italy.


What is your name?




We’re at school yesterday


I am from England




She’s at home now.



He’s in Chicago last month.


My name is not Richard.



I do not like porridge.




He doesn’t work on Sundays.


4.    Прочти текст и отметь предложения правильные             ,а неправильные


A This is David. He’s from Italy. He’s 14 today. It’s his birthday.

B This is a new car. It’s a Volkswagen. The number plate is N170 ZXA.

C This is the Hotline programme on Radio 581. Jane is on the line. Her record is for her boyfriend, Mike. He’s 17 today.







David’s from Italy.




The new car is not a Volkswagen.




Jane is 17 today.




5.    Сделай эти предложения отрицательными.


A  Michael works in a hairdresser’s.


B He’s studying French.


C Kate liked to listen to her Oasis CD.


D They went to the cinema last night.


E I was on the concert the day before yesterday.



6.    Дополни предложения предлогами  by, on, at, in, to


1)   Is your brother ________home?

2)   Do you go ________school ________ bus?

3)   The family is _________ the garden.

4)   I don’t like going _________ train.

5)   I go ________ bed _________ 10 o’clock.

6)   They never travel ___________ plane.



7.    Это интервью с чемпионом по плаванию. Допиши вопросы к этим ответам.


A Where/ grow up?


I grew up in Sidney, Australia.


B When/ start/ swimming?


I started swimming when I was five.


C Why/ start?


My father was a good swimmer, so he decided to teach me.


D How old/ when/ win/ first competition?


I was ten years old.


E usually/ feel/ nervous/ before competition?


Yes, I do!


F How many/ hours a day/ usually practice?



I usually practice for about four hours a day.